Block.IS Innovator – Infidia


Infidia (InfidApp) is a company established in March 2020 in North Macedonia. It is a highly ethical company that creates software solutions mostly for manufacturers and distributors that share uncompromised sustainable business practices and accountability in battling fraud.

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Infidia is the unique blockchain-based solution that keeps records of the business process preceding invoice creation. By doing so, Infidia verifies invoices for invoice financing, otherwise not available for small businesses that need this type of finance to solve liquidity and (or) fund their growth.

As an industry-specific request, we set up a permission-based ledger, where neither side doesn’t have a record of the trading terms (present on the invoice) without SMEs consent. In the case of small companies, the role of the security that our blockchain solution provides is crucial. As an industry experience and feedback by the users, these companies have issues disclosing their trading terms, as they could find ways to their competitors.

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