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VizLore Digital Asset Management (VLADAM) is a start-up from Novi Sad, Serbia, focused on delivering a seamless trading experience to cryptocurrency traders with an impressive return on investment.

VLADAM has 5 co-founders who bring years of experience in the fields of blockchain, data engineering and cryptocurrency trading. We decided to combine and share our experience in an effort to develop an automated AI-based cryptocurrency trading solution and make the solution available to cryptocurrency traders around the globe.

We are dedicated to driving the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies. We believe that artificial intelligence based on Deep Reinforcement Learning is able to identify market patterns and trends beyond human comprehension by data mashup of off-chain, on-chain and trading data. Our core values are to promote trust, transparency and credibility and our aim is to be in favour of our customers.

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VLADAM is an unbiased and transparent AI-based cryptocurrency trading platform that generates and maintains passive income from cryptocurrency trading with efficient cost optimization, and error-free execution.

VLADAM leverages Deep Reinforcement Learning to predict cryptocurrency price movements and generates trading signals in real-time. These trading signals are then handled by an order execution engine comprising trading bots that automatically execute orders on the client’s behalf.

The main benefits of using the VLADAM platform are outperforming the cryptocurrency market index by a minimum of 2x, it is immune to traditional investment biases, detects correlation between more than 30 financial features and trades automatically 24/7.

Block.IS Experience

Cryptocurrency market has tripled in value since the global pandemic. The current market state provides a unique opportunity for VLADAM to showcase its value. It was essential for VLADAM success to secure the initial funding for our MVP development. Thanks to Block.IS Project we were able to achieve this and are now in a unique position to develop and launch the platform on the market at the right time.
We have already received valuable inputs from our initial mentoring sessions within the Block.IS Project and are now exploring additional business models which might increase our market reach by offering our solution on the existing EU exchanges though exchange traded products. This would bring our service closer to potential clients who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Bright Habitat_Ognjen Ikovic - Ognjen Ikovic
— Ognjen Iković Co-Founder @ VLADAM

As a Business Development Manager in VLADAM, I believe that being part of the Block.IS project has a big positive impact on my personal career development. Having the opportunity to work on business development and marketing strategies for an innovative solution that is not yet available on the B2C market is something that I always wanted to do. The Block.IS project not only gave me this opportunity but also helped me to perform it in the best possible way by providing guidance and mentoring along the way. The personal outcomes for me from being part of Block.IS are related to expanding my expertise in general and more specifically in the field of positioning new solutions on the market.

VLDAM_Antonia Miteva - Antonia Miteva
— Antonia Miteva Business Development Manager @ VLADAM

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