Block.IS Challenge – Agrifood: Ensure the Supply Chain

Block.IS organises 4 Challenges to the European community of entrepreneurs. Up to eight (8) SMEs will be selected to participate at each Challenge and two (2) winners per Challenge, in total eight (8) SMEs, will receive 3.000€ and directly enter the INNOVATE phase of the 2nd acceleration process where they will be invited to networking events to showcase their work and get the chance to compete for the full 60.000€ as well as receive mentoring services.


The agrifood sector has shown itself capable of resisting a global pandemic and the countless problems it implies, such as the closure of borders. Innovation and development are essential to the evolution of a sector of vital importance to our regions.

Preventing new sanitary risks, improving production and logistics processes and optimizing systems will be key to ensure that products and the supply chain can withstand further potential national and international crises.


The COVID–19 crisis is teaching us many things, like the need to strengthen the supply chain to our supermarkets. The increase in sales of some food products and the lack of provision of certain resources for their manufacture has broken the supply chain of certain goods, generating temporary shortages, in flour, snacks, and other agrifood products.

This could be avoided by having a platform for exchanging reliable and non-reputable data among the actors in the food value chain. These features can be provided by blockchain. This platform will, hence, provide the data to build, on top of it, methods to control suppliers’ stock, foreplan purchases, make forecasts, implement automatic replenishment, etc.


The Challenge will be held on July 9th. The Application Period will be open until June 30th (17:00 CEST).

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