Innovation Challenges: Block.IS Selects Top Ideas

The Block.IS Project announces the Top 6 Innovators from the Block.IS Innovation Challenges! After participating in business and technical workshops, teams tackling the usage of blockchain technology in the Tourism and Fashion sector have pitched their ideas!

After successfully addressing challenges across three verticals that Block.IS revolves around: agri-foodlogistics and financial sector, the project strove to replicate the success in the tourism and fashion sectors. These two domains have been recognised as important clogs in expanding and reshaping both the European market and industry beyond European borders. Blockchain is the underlying technology that acts as a necessary tool for these startups to achieve real innovation and sustainability, transparency, and trustworthiness of the users.

During the online Pitching Day, startups have successfully presented their solutions to the international jury formed of representatives of the Lifestyle & Design Cluster and Cluster Tourismus Brandenburg.

Top 3 Startups: Tourism Industry

SC Tokeo Software SRL: We provide to our tourism private and public stakeholders the relevant tools to propose new payment systems at a local and a cross border level and to increase their customers’ loyalty. Therefore, we developed a Blockchain solution that enables public stakeholders, SMEs and public-private consortiums to easily launch their own tourism destination local blockchain currency system and their Blockchain token-based incentive and reward scheme. In the context of the Covid crisis, we have adapted our solution in order to allow public stakeholders to distribute subsidized vouchers and grants that will benet local tourism SMEs and NGOs that have been strongly affected by the current crisis.

Further Corporation Limited: We present you an Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem where any travel provider can easily create digitized, interactive, and interoperable assets, distribute them to the consumer and receive payments instantly. The key points we aim to achieve: Seamless Travel; Combine travel history, health history, and biometric id data of traveller give travel freedom again; Remove the intermediaries; Decrease transactional costs; Establish real-time cross-border settlement and payment.

Bild Studio LTD: Our value proposition is simple: quality software solutions of all stripes, sizes for our clients and final customers, dependent on the product. This is dovetailed by continuously reinvesting our profits into our employees, which includes but is not limited to: investments into their education and professional training, improving their living conditions through higher wages and better working conditions, providing them with cheaper housing options and company lines of credit. We also devote about 3% of our yearly profits to local charities.

Top 3 Startups: Fashion Industry

tex.tracer: tex.tracer is the key to verified transparency in the fashion supply chain. Our platform gives customers insight into the product’s journey, from material source to retail. By scanning an on-garment QR code, consumers see who made their clothes, how they are made, and what they are made of: verified transparency which builds brand trust and increases customer engagement.

Lilly021 DOO Novi Sad: Inventory costs, if done in the traditional way, does not bring high precision, which means that the effect of inventory is not maximum. Our system lowers inventory costs, and most importantly, inventory is done in real-time. This specifically means that in each moment we know the numerical condition of goods in production, warehouses and shops. The second value is related to customer trust. The buyer can at any time confirm the authenticity of the piece of clothing she/he has purchased. Especially on second-hand markets. This opportunity directly can affect the sales increase. Our goal is to market our idea as a SaaS product. Billing units are digital assets and the price of one unit depends on your monthly package. The packages are designed to be very affordable for small manufacturers. For larger companies, the price is higher, in proportion to their size or production capacity.

Alicorn doo: Alicorn represents a one-stop shop for companies wanting to work on the digital transformation of their business or the digital presence of their brand. Comprised of over 20 IT professionals that specialise in everything from copywriting to machine learning, we are able to take the clients original idea or need and design a marketing or technological solution that will make it a reality. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, innovative design and strategic approach, we guide our clients’ digital business through challenges to the stars.

Each of the top 3 ideas will receive 1000 EUR as an award and an opportunity to pitch their solution at the Block.IS Final event, to be held in Brussels. The best idea will get an additional 12.000 EUR!

Block.IS thanks to all participating startups that are a huge part of the project’s success story, the consortium and other partners who supported the innovators through mentoring sessions as well as the jury for the expertise and valuable insights shared with all the participants!