The results of the project are compiled in documents called “Deliverables” that have to be submitted to the Commission. Some of them are public and you can access them in this section. In addition, the project results are also presented in various scientific papers and publications that will be available under this section as well.

Scientific Publications

For any scientific publications, all Block.IS project partners will rely on the H2020 Open Access rules, as required by the Commission and specified in OpenAIRE.

In addition, Block.IS consortium will comply with Horizon 2020 Open Access Mandate by means of so-called “Gold Open Access” and “Green Open Access” publication for any scientific publication generated through Block.IS. As a minimum requirement, publications will be made freely available via Green Open Access, e.g. through repositories such as OpenAIRE, ResearchGate.

Furthermore, Block.IS will comply with agINFRA open access recommendations for agrifood research community, rules and guidelines by Eurofiling association (fintech), as well as recommendations set by ALICE Alliance (logistics and supply chain management).