Block.IS Cluster Mission Valencia: Open Call Launched!

Block.IS Cluster Mission Concept

The Block.IS Cluster Missions is a supporting tool/methodology to engage and connect clusters (with different levels of developments and from different sectors of focus), and blockchain SMEs, allowing them to understand and “feel” the hosting cluster ecosystem, learn the processes required to boost innovation, find out about the available resources, build relationships and expand their networks and capacity to support their growth.

Moreover, the participants will present and represent their own clusters/ecosystems in the Block.IS community and share success stories or valuable innovation use-cases, and examples of how blockchain technology supports three verticals Block.IS supports.

It would be ensured that participants are exposed to share the insights about their home ecosystem and, most importantly, they would be given enough opportunity to build personal relationships with other clusters, blockchain SMEs and local networks.

Block.IS will implement 9 missions along with the 3 years project, engaging more than 75 clusters and 45 SMEs targeting to have participants from all European countries.

Cluster Mission Valencia

The event organised by FEDACOVA will take place in Valencia from 20–21st of October! European clusters from the health, tourism, agri-food, logistics and fintech sectors are brought together to seek synergies with innovative SMEs and collaborate on blockchain innovation. Blockchain startups can take advantage of the opportunities to showcase their solutions and technology to Valencian accelerators and investors.

The event will take place over two days in the Valencia marina, facing the port and the Mediterranean Sea, in the heart of the city’s entrepreneurial and innovation hub. There will be a panel to explain the new entrepreneurial engine of Valencia and how incubators and clusters are linked, as well as another panel to present both international and Valencian clusters and start-ups and to look for synergies between them.

Finally, the second day will be explained by the Valencian regional ministry of industry the public initiatives for the incorporation of new technologies. On the other hand, the Valencian technology centres related to the clusters will explain what blockchain is and is not and its applicability.

Don’t miss a chance to use the networking opportunity and be reimbursed up to €750 for travel and accommodation expenses!

IMPORTANT: The deadline for the Cluster Mission application is September 14th, 17:00 CEST (Brussels Time).