Workshop for the Valencian Startup Ecosystem: Blockchain Innovation Challenges

The Block.IS project is looking forward to replicating successes from firstly targetted three verticals (agrifood, logistics, finance) to other sectors, and it will organise 2 Innovation Challenges for innovative blockchain startups/SMEs. The top three (3) SMEs per challenge will receive €1.000 as a lump sum, while the winner of each challenge will receive an additional prize of €12.000.

During the Cluster Mission event in Valencia, which will be held on October 20–21, project partners will organise a workshop for the Valencian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, in order to present them the opportunity to participate in Innovation Challenges.

Organisers are looking for entrepreneurs working (or considering doing so) with blockchain technology-based solutions for the Tourism of the Fashion industry. Startups from the ecosystem are invited to join the event on Thursday, October 21st, to participate in the interactive workshop at INNSOMNIA’s premises.

Attendance is free of charge and the agenda can be found here: Cluster Mission Valencia Agenda. For more information, please contact FEDACOVA at