Block.IS Cluster Mission Varaždin

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April 8, 2020 - April 9, 2020 All day

Block.IS Cluster Mission Varaždin

The fourth out of fifteen Cluster Mission events is set to be held in Croatia – and its City of Varaždin. The city is located 81 kilometres north of the country's capital Zagreb and it is mainly known for its baroque buildings, music, textile, food and IT industry. Varaždin is one of the most attractive destinations to live in or to visit in Croatia. It is the tourist, cultural, economical, educational and sporting centre of North-western Croatia.

The event will be organised on April 8th and 9th by EUVITA Cluster – and backed up by VOICT and InoSens.

EUVITA Cluster in Varaždin is organised as a non-profit organisation in the area of NW Croatia and Zagreb, primarily for rural development and entrepreneurship and innovation processes. The organisation brings together competent SMEs from particular fields, public institutions, or local governments and research organisations. Among the main goals is the need to improve the competitiveness of the whole value chain, especially in the fields of food production and processing (functional and ecological production), green entrepreneurship, rural and health tourism, renewable energy and innovation management.

Within the Block.IS Cluster Mission in Varaždin, a systematic approach will be introduced to foster collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experience between clusters as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to foster innovation and create new industrial value chains. The event is as well co-organised with the Chamber of Commerce of the County Chamber of Varaždin and in cooperation with the Innovation Center Nikola Tesla (ICENT) from Zagreb and Tetida d.o.o. (Zagreb, Varaždin).

Through an interactive approach, the participants of the event will get acquainted with the present successful solutions in practice and innovative solutions of blockchain technology in practice both within the EU and especially in Croatia, as well as possibilities for further development of innovative solutions and applications in specific sectors of the economy.

Although the emphasis is on complete value chains in food production and processing, logistics and finance, examples from other sectors are also welcome. In particular, the event will aim to present the benefits of financing, business and technical support offered by Block.IS in stimulating the development of innovative solutions, defining and preparing project ideas for the development of entrepreneurship or startup companies, both for clusters and SMEs.

The Cluster Mission Varaždinwill also showcase opportunities for international, cross-sectoral and cross-cluster collaboration, and thus build an open and collaborative transnational, cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem that fosters the use of this cutting-edge digital technology to increase SME competitiveness and develop new industrial value chains.