Block.IS Cluster Mission Vilnius

During November 26-28th Block.IS Cluster Mission Vilnius was held in Lithuania – organised by CIVITTA and FinTechStage – aiming to explore one of the hotspots for Fintech and blockchain in Europe and show why Vilnius is a popular destination for Fintech companies. Clusters and SMEs from 9 countries – Malta, Portugal, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Sweden, the Netherlands and Ukraine – came to Vilnius to discover Block.IS Fintech acceleration opportunities.

Block.IS Cluster Mission Vilnius
International Fintech Companies Appreciate Lithuanian Fintech Ecosystem

The first day of Block.IS Cluster Mission Vilnius started with Global Blockchain Forum where the participants were presented blockchain current trends, applications and regulations. It was followed by the presentation of Block.IS funding, mentoring opportunities, and a private session with Bank of Lithuania representatives on first of its kind – STO regulations. The meeting was followed by a fruitful discussion on how ICO hype is decreasing and Smart Contracts applications are being developed.

During the second day of the Block.IS Cluster Mission Vilnius participants attended FinTech Inn 2019 Conference, the largest Fintech conference in the Baltics. The events at the conference mostly unravelled the topics of future fintech trends, including blockchain applications and what improvements should be made. 

The FinTech Inn 2019 conference welcomed thousands of participants, including government officials, startup founders, business development managers and other representatives from the fintech industry companies. The participants were quick to engage in business talks by participating in 1-on-1 meetings and discuss the opportunities. The expectations were exceeded, to say the least.

With Lithuania, coming in at 4th place globally and the highest-placed small country in the Fintech ranking, there is no doubt that the country, in particular, is regarded as one of the most attractive Fintech destinations in the EU thanks to its progressive regulation and focus on prioritizing progress and helping fintech newcomers enter the market smoothly.

We are thankful for the participants for making the Block.IS Vilnius Cluster Mission discussions so interesting and insightful! Let’s continue the development of blockchain applications in Fintech!