Block.IS Cluster Mission Valencia

On the 10th and 11th of December, the Block.IS Cluster Mission Valencia event took place within the framework of the Block.IS Project and organised by FEDACOVA.

During two active days, participants from different countries (France, Serbia, Switzerland, United Kingdom) have been able to contrast their business and find synergies between them. Eneko Knörr – investor and entrepreneur who is a referent in Spain on blockchain – has been the moderator of the sessions. ITENE (Instituto Tecnológico Del Embalaje, Transporte Y Logística) which is an R&D technological centre specialising in packaging, logistics, transport and mobility, explained on one of its European projects related to blockchain and transport; Finally, a startup named Trazable commented on its experiences in the food and distribution sector.

On the second day, a mentoring session was held among all the participants, where the particular problems of each company were socialised and joint solutions were sought, as well as doubts were resolved and synergies were sought among the different participants.