Block.IS Job Opportunities – Join Block.IS Innovators!

In this state of crisis, the imbalance of the global economy is being felt. First of all, we should say thank you to those businesses who have kept their staff on, who have made sure that they have income security and a sense of job security in the medium to longer term.

Creating job opportunities is a very important aspect of the Block.IS mission and now it is time to talk about the concrete steps we take together as a community to get the economy back on track!

Three Block.IS Innovators are looking to strengthen their teams working on their innovative blockchain-based solutions that tackle sectors of agri-food, finance and logistics.


Company Profiles is a French-Hungarian startup incubated at CentraleSupelec Incubator in Paris, France & at K&H Incubator in Győr, Hungary. The team is building an automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies trading completely driven by AI to make trading in cryptocurrencies easier & more profitable. We feed Sentiment analysis, Technical analysis & Complex mathematical models to AI/ML engine which then generates trading signals and based on those trading signals, our automated bots executes the trade in client’s account. The company has won several awards in France and Hungary and it is seen as the fastest-growing crypto startup in France.

BrikkApp is a blockchain-powered property investments marketplace developed by a startup based in Prague, Czech Republic. They provide users with trustworthy data and experience from the property investment world. The marketplace allows small and medium-sized investors to hold equity or debt-based diversified portfolio across various markets to utilize benefits which property investing brings without the need to invest big amounts of capital. The team has started the company to bring an alternative to traditional property investing through local real estate funds or private investments.

HODLNG is a Blockchain start-up incorporated in Tallinn, Estonia. We fully dedicated to fixing problems in one market – the Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG industry, at both the EU and global levels. We’re doing that by developing a Blockchain-based, smart contracting regime for LNG logistics. The LNG market is a perfect use case, and Blockchain is ideal as a way to help players address different challenges, around logistics and especially, contracting anti-competitive contracting clauses and managing changes of destination (diversion).