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Blockchain Italia is a Milan-based software company specialized in Fintech and Blockchain solutions. We are also present in Genoa, Rome and Madrid. Our mission is to optimize processes through digitization and disruptive technologies. Our developers, DevOps and system administrators have the experience to undertake any blockchain-related project; whether it’s designing enterprise services or creating cross-platform mobile applications rather than dApps.

Our services include full-cycle research and development for public and private blockchains (product, architecture, development and implementation); training of Managers and Developers on all blockchain-related technologies; design of Smart-Contracts and the necessary off-chain infrastructures on behalf of companies and institutions.

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The mission of Dedit Finance can be reassumed by the sentence “from the hardware to the blockchain”. Taking advantage of the main features of blockchain, smart contracts, and permissionless protocol as Ethereum or Bitcoin, such as trustless timestamping, automation, immutability, and transparency, Dedit Finance will help finance companies to be compliant with the WORM (written once, read many) practices, gaining in terms of cost, scalability, cryptographic features, and accountability.

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