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ZEME was founded in 2016 although the innovations it utilizes took over 10 years to develop and reach full commercialization.

ZEME has a state-of-the-art, Eco-friendly plant for the production and sale of specialized Aluminium Alloys derived from Recyclable Scrap Aluminium and Green Eco Synthetic Fuels from End Life Plastics. ZEME is in the process of expanding to two more plants once the first one is completed. This is the first high technology green project of its kind in Cyprus.

The company aims to capture scrap aluminium and recovered plastic and to add value to them, converting the scrap aluminium into high-value alloy ingots and the recovered plastic into liquid fuel that can be used locally or exported into Europe. This will have a significant positive impact upon the recycling targets of the country, as defined by the European Union, and will reduce the carbon footprint associated with waste disposal and import of liquid fuel.

In addition to the environmental benefits, ZEME will establish itself as a key specialized employer and provide long term opportunities for the local community, as well as a key innovation company driving the fragmented EU trade zone.

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ZEME develops a platform with intelligence and with modular architecture for endless scalability in providing live monitoring and custody of assets, as well as bringing new opportunities to users to invest, transfer or gift products in an automated and blockchain-secure environment.

A blend of ‘smart’ technologies (blockchain, NFC, RFID, Geolocation, biometrics, censoring) to allow payment upon delivery in a fully secure and transparent process, while at the same time the logistics’ tasks are fully managed.

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