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BrikkApp is building the world’s first property investment aggregator & marketplace that enables direct buying and selling from as little as €100. Our vision is to allow our users to access verified & trustworthy data about real estate crowdfunding platforms from all across the world, select the best deals and buy and sell investments all in one dashboard.

We collect and analyse data from real estate crowdfunding platforms worldwide, bringing our users an ultimate marketplace full of investment opportunities.

Jan Vecerka – (Founder, CEO) is an entrepreneur and expert in financial and operational management, commercial real estate and technology. He likes to develop projects from the very beginning and develop new ideas. At BrikkApp Jan is responsible for business and product development, HR and finance.

Jana Vecerkova – (Founder, CPO) is a serial entrepreneur and management professional who helped to build businesses in Belgium, the UK, Czech Republic and all across Europe. She founded the multi-awarded Coding Bootcamp Praha in 2016. She oversees BrikkApp’s product strategy, vision, and marketing.

Jan Polak (Founder and CTO) leads the BrikkApp software development. He is a software engineer with 15+ years of professional experience of developing complex web applications

Riccardo Dal Pio Luogo (Frontend & Blockchain developer) is a software engineer responsible for the development of the frontend aspect of BrikkApp, data analysis and blockchain implementation research.

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BrikkApp aims to be a decentralized crowdfunding real estate marketplace built on top of the hyperledger fabric blockchain. As blockchain is as much of a trusted technology as it is a technology to model incentive structures, our product aims to incentivize competing crowdfunding real estate platforms to join the same marketplace – the Brikkapp marketplace. This will allow each of the competing crowdfunding real estate platforms to benefit from each other’s user-base in a win-win dynamic, provide the user with a smoother and more comprehensive experience of the online real estate investment world and overall increase the transparency and liquidity of the crowdfunding real estate market.

Block.IS Experience

For BrikkApp, Block.IS has been an amazing experience so far. In cooperation with Block.IS we see great opportunity to further develop and bring to the market our blockchain solution for real estate investing. In Istanbul, we met many startups with great blockchain-based solutions. We also managed to exchange valuable knowledge and experience with them.
As a founder of BrikkApp, it was great to interact with other entrepreneurs from all around Europe and share some thoughts with them. It is amazing to see that many startups with amazing ideas and solutions using blockchain.

BrikkApp_Jan Vecerka - Jan Večerka
— Jan Večerka CEO @ BrikkApp

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