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Block0 is a Belgian company that helps organisations leverage the benefits of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger technologies. We are a software company 100% dedicated to developing blockchain-based digital solutions for the logistic industry.

We offer services of rapid prototypes building (incl. web & mobile apps) to help validate your business hypotheses. In addition, we partner with our clients, from project inception to delivery, to help them realize their decentralized product vision. Moreover, we offer guidance on Blockchain technologies during short & long term onsite missions and we as well deliver standard or tailored courses to help organisations acquire Blockchain competencies.

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Eternitrace allows traceability, from manufacturing to transport, from documentation to payments. Data integrity is ensured by Blockchain technology and Smarts Contracts. The use of Big Data makes it possible to develop intelligent support for operational logistics decision-making.
We build a game-changing collaborative platform to trace all sides of logistics (manufacturing, freight, documents, payments) secured by the blockchain technology. It allows for complete traceability and transparency among all different participants to the supply chain. The relationships between the actors are enforced automatically by smart contracts. Customers or regulators can benefit from reading access only.

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