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ComeTogether is a Greek startup, founded in October 2018. The team is mostly working remotely, distributed among Thessaloniki, Athens, Munich, Nice, Sheffield. We have a broad composition of skills, including, deep software, blockchain, business, marketing, UX and event industry expertise.

ComeTogether provides the infrastructure for event ticketing, fraud and scalping prevention along with secondary market revenue management. We are in incubation with Orfium, a global leader firm in music intellectual property software and have a business development partnership with Tickets For Good, a UK based ticketing company.

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ComeTogether introduces a new form of digital tickets, the non-fungible tokens on blockchain, with embedded business logic (set of rules governing its entire lifecycle). The ticket delivery occurs as a dynamic QR code making it impossible for resale outside of the blockchain (ensuring tickets are official, following organizer’s rules).

The benefits are: Prevention of ticket fraud; Combating of ticket scalping with resale price ranges; Event organizers and performers get access to secondary market revenues; Better audience insights, knowing who the actual attendee is even if the ticket exchanges hands, which serves for targeted marketing, regulatory compliance and COVID tracing.

Block.IS Experience

Participating in the Block.IS project was really helpful for me personally and our team, because it eased us to modify our existing mission in the proper direction and under the valuable guidance of our mentor. The presentations and discussions that took place throughout the project have benefited me to further evolve my knowledge and understanding related to business and Blockchain. Overall, we built strong networking, which could potentially lead to new partnerships and even the expansion of our team. Last but not least, we are grateful that Block.IS gave us the actual opportunity to accomplish and expand further our goals by providing the funding for it.

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— Efstathios Mitskas Co-Founder @ ComeTogether

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