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PiKei is a Greek company established in 2017 with the aim to adopt best practices and deliver technical solutions in a variety of domains in digital era. PiKei’s staff form a very agile team that has momentous experience in ICT‐related projects, IoT‐based platforms and Software‐Application solutions for a variety of domains, such as Cloud, Web and Mobile Applications, IoT, RFID and mHealth. All team members are very experienced ICT experts who have collaborated in several IT projects for significant research institutes and governmental organizations.

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PiKei with the Wife Safe Net envisages a distributed ledger solution based on the blockchain technology that allows the consumer to track important parameters throughout the lifetime of a wine. It is a solution that delivers to the consumer all the required information about the wine bottle they purchase could remove much of the suspicion. Data such as environmental conditions and time parameters of the cultivation, the storage and the transportation are recorded in the “WSN” forming the digital profile of the product that is available for everyone.

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The Block.IS for us represents a unique opportunity for motivation by gathering innovative blockchain ideas!

PIKEI_KARADIMAS Dimitris - Pikei Technologies
— Dimitris Karadimas Co-Founder @ PiKei

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