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We build trading strategies using AI/ML, Sentiment analysis, Technical analysis & Mathematical models for making trading in cryptocurrencies easier & more profitable. We have so far beaten the returns delivered by BTC during the same time since we developed the technology last year in September 2019.

Guruprasad started the company at the age of 16 and was featured in the leading newspaper “Deccan Herald” in India and later had a successful exit. He created two more successful businesses later.

Our team is composed of Experts in AI/ML, Software Engineering, Mathematician, Data Scientist, Blockchain, Marketing & Sales.

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At we manage the portfolio of clients by charging 3% entry fees and 20% performance fees. All the trading will happen in the client’s own account and we do not hold any funds in our account. You simply share your API keys and we integrate it with our platform, select a strategy and start earning money!

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Block.IS means everything to me because the general view of Cryptocurrencies are really negative in the world as no one can understand the great technology behind it. Block.IS is like a family of like-minded people with whom we can share, learn and get inspiration to create cool stuff in the blockchain space. We are into cryptos and want to use smart contracts for profit-sharing since we trade in client's own account so Block.IS investments and trust means a lot to us.

— Mikó Imre CMO @

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