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AGROMEX is a fresh company with a mission to streamline agri-trade processes with its AGROMEX solution. AGROMEX gathers a multi-disciplinary team of experts, with a good balance of previous expertise in agroeconomics, blockchain solution development and business processes to deliver a blockchain system that optimizes contract trade and post-trade document flow, all the while connecting all the agri-trading participants.

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AGROMEX is a DLT-powered and trustworthy agri-food marketplace that optimizes the trade, finance, regulatory and data flows that are often inconsistent in traditional agri-food trading. It improves agrifood stakeholder’s liquidity and security by providing a more informed, robust and transparent view of their assets at any point in the trade. AGROMEX overcomes the complexity of current agri-food trade overburdened with many manual checkpoints by decreasing delays and transaction costs.

Block.IS Experience

Thanks to Block.IS, we met very nice participants and inspirational people during the Block.IS Innovators Assembly in Istanbul!

— Luka Mirković Co-Founder @ AGROMEX

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