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Apio is a company born in 2014 with the goal of creating a Hardware and Software ecosystem able to Scale and Interoperate in several Internet of Things applications. Apio is currently emerging in the Marche region as a reference point for new connectivity, transmission and data analysis technologies.
The ability to mix specific technical skills in areas like Cloud Computing, Web Development, System Integration, Embedded Development and Hardware Design, over time has allowed Apio to work with major national and international companies such as Fater SpA, SAMP s.p.a and important research entities like ENEA.

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Nowadays supply-chains are global and food is more anonymous and more obscure. Customers and key stakeholders are asking more Transparency and want to know more about what they eat. Trusty is a platform that helps food producers improve Experience and Engagement of Customers through a full disclosure about the provenance and ingredients of products, journeying through the entire supply-chain. Trusty uses Blockchain technology in order to certify and securing all the information about a product.

Block.IS Experience

Block.IS is a wonderful opportunity for us. Trusty is the first Apio Software as a Service that we want to launch with Freemium Model. Block.IS helps us to understand many aspects and supports us in the launch of the platform.

Apio_AlessandroChelli - Alessandro Chelli
— Alessandro Chelli CEO & Co-Founder @ Apio

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