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ART21 is an AgriFood technology innovation house, developing high-tech innovations for agriculture, food and associated industries. Since establishment in 2007, the company has gained extensive hands-on experience working with AI and data analytics, IoT and sensors, Blockchain, hyperspectral and Raman spectrometry, UAV applications, industrial ERP systems, etc. ART21 is participating in large-scale EU innovations projects ‘IoF2020’ and ‘SmartAgriHubs’.

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INspectrum is an innovative solution for food supply chain integrity. Instead of tracking packages or shipments, INspectrum focuses on enabling tracking the contents of the food product itself by utilizing Blockchain technology in combination with spectrometry. INspectrum provides a service layer for current supply chain management solutions for food product spectral integrity tracking, thus increasing food supply chain traceability, transparency and reducing fraud associated risks.

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