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Joinyourbit (JYB) is a high-tech Digital Service Provider focused on advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM), cloud-based software as a service to digitally manage and automate a wide range of document-centric business processes involving people, documents, data, and transactions both inside and outside the company perimeter. Our cloud platform tracks the whole business transaction on the blockchain for document notarization (proof of existence) and exchange.

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Trusted BIZ is a Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform to execute any valuable cross-border business transactions such as business agreement, apostille, Company Registration Report and Certificates, international bids, deal (trading). It enables SMEs to: 1) enable the business counterparties mutual recognition; 2) approve and execute the business agreement and payment processes; 3) track the whole business transaction on blockchain for contract enforcement and international dispute resolutions purposes.

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Great opportunity! With Block.IS we had the chance to meet keen people, built network, share knowledge and keep in touch for the next future. Amazing to see how many people and startups are working on brilliant ideas.

Antonella Roselli joinyourbit
— Antonella Roselli CEO @ Joinyourbit

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