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NexusIT is a technology company delivering software solutions in the areas of software security, IoT and data analytics. Since its inception, it has managed to attract know-how in major software development disciplines and forge partnerships with major software companies in the European area.

NexusIT team is actively working on a blockchain-based trust platform for the agrifood sector augmented by IoT sensoring data. Having as a starting point the olive oil vertical, NexusIT vision is to transform this platform into a generic food traceability platform, providing a uniform environment which increases the traceability and transparency of the supply chain, thus enabling consumers and any other stakeholders to trust the safety, quality and origin of the product.

NexusIT team consists of well-trained industrial software engineers and academic researchers, with expertise in designing and implementing multi­purpose platforms in the scope of IoT data analytics and SaaS and over 10 years experience on software security and the IoT domain with numerous projects.

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VooC is a field-to-table olive oil solution to track and verify EVOO. VooC is a blockchain-based platform, augmented by IoT sensoring data, where every transaction of the EVOO chain gets stored to blockchain. VooC tracks and stores every single step of the production/supply chain of EVOO using blockchain and IoT sensors creating a distributed EVOO production ledger thus enabling immutable data, trust and smart monitoring.

Block.IS Experience

Thanks to our project has received EC funding for the utilization of blockchain technology on the EU's agrifood sector.

Preparing for the Innovate Stage of the Open Call has been a great experience and of course participating in the Experiment Stage a fantastic opportunity for us.
Our project would not be coming out of the ground without the Block.IS project which, apart from providing EC funding, shared with us the valuable knowledge and experience on the industry and provided us with the required guidance to define the requirements and design a blockchain-based platform throughout the valuable project enablers and documentation.

— Nikos Kanakis Co-Founder @ NexusIT

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