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phy2TRACE develops data management platforms for the product’s origin traceability in the industry of functional food and natural cosmetics. In this massively growing industry, transparent supply chains are vital to products quality and conformity to standards. With phy2TRACE, companies can easily gather and present information and tell stories about products and their supply chains, including verified data to support them.

We target highly under-served markets: farmers, farmers’ associations and producers. We integrate them in digital solutions, thus create new markets by spanning actors from rural areas of Europe (and beyond) with high-end markets in the EU, and simultaneously boost economically more stable farmers to be reliable suppliers with sustainable farming practices.

We spotted the opportunity in the dramatic growth of imported agriculture-based goods from Eastern African countries to the EU and USA. Our first customers are Fairtrade companies where transparency and traceability are of vital importance.

Our international team includes business professionals with decades of experience globally, who come from different professional backgrounds – economy, biotechnology, software engineering. The founders (Mateja Dermastia and Zorica Marić) have high-profile professional careers in private and public sectors and were among pioneers in network-based development globally, recently teamed up with new partners (Filip Novovic and Nemanja Subotic), front runners in digital solutions including traceability based on Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers.

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phy2TRACE can capture information of the company’s supply chain processes,

  • pair unique identifiers with products batches or packaging, track information throughout the supply chain and store them on Blockchain in a secure and transparent way,
  • embed custom control points, discrepancy detection mechanisms and critical notifications, to make companies and their suppliers accountable for every action and claim,
  • present this commercially viable information about the product’s journey to the buyers and consumers, to make the product stand out among the others.

Blockchain serves as the consistency layer for any form of data captured, acknowledged, processed or stored on the platform.

Block.IS Experience

With Block.IS phy2TRACE entered the creativity and sharing community that has brought us many valuable contacts with companies from EU, working on similar solutions using Blockchain. Through these contacts, we also received positive thoughts and constructive criticism that even more confirmed that we are on the right path. I am very much ecstatic that we have been selected and that we will receive funding for the development and integration of our solution, so we can start telling some truthful product stories.

Zorica Marić
— Zorica Marić CEO @ phy2TRACE

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