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GORD is a technology SME based in Skopje, North Macedonia, developing innovative solutions based on IoT, mobile and machine learning tech with a focus on Precision Agriculture, BP Automation, Predictive Maintenance, Energy Efficiency and Quality Management.

The team has expertise in BPO, advanced electronics and software design, and international project experience in sectors Agrifood, Manufacturing, Logistics and Health. Key products: IntelliSTEM Decision Support System (ensures optimal irrigation and fertilization according to plant needs), Food processing ERP, Real-time QA Management etc. With more than 90 years of joint experience, the team members used to work 10-20 years together on projects in Canada, USA and Europe. The team has experienced managers, team leaders and experts in innovative products development, product launching and Marketing & PR.

Key staff:

— Petar Indovski, CEO, Entrepreneur with over 35 years experience

— Valentina Dojchinovska, CTO, 25 years exp

— Dimitar Indovski, Senior SW developer and Team Leader, 15 years exp

— Zoran Janevski, PhD, Expert in SME competitiveness and e-Business development; 15 years lecturing as a professor at UKIM University Skopje

— Diana Indovski, CMM, 10 years in marketing and product promotion

— Ana-Maria Hristovska, Biz-Dev Manager, 8 years in Sales, Marketing, Customer care Since 2018, the team works on the design and development of Blockchain innovative solutions.

In 2018 the team successfully concluded a project focused on the development of the Agrifood IntelliSTEM solution within KATANA project (selected in Top-10 solutions supported with €100K grant; €50K ware granted in a crowdfunding campaign in 2017 too).

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FOOD SAFETY BC solution ensures automated QA validation of key processes within Agrifood supply-chain, from food production, through logistics (Transport, Warehousing, Retails) up to the End-Customer.

Using Blockchains and tamper-proof IoT-sensors, the solution validates relevant production and logistic processes by the acquisition of environment parameters (in a certain processing room, cooling equipment or transport vehicle). Then it checks if measured parameters are in compliance with food safety regulation, store the report in Distributed-Ledger as immutable data add makes it available to authorized Blockchain members including the End Customer.

The solution helps to build mutual trust among all stakeholders within the Agrifood supply-chain.

Block.IS Experience

The Block.IS project encouraged me to start exploring new business opportunities based on new innovative solutions based on Blockchain. Primarily, my focus is on the Agrifood supply-chain, particularly the Food Safety segment. Based on the long term experience in this segment, a few years ago our team has developed an ERP product with a focus on food processing and Quality Assurance management.

Having in mind the complaints from our clients, I realized that, instead of the current Quality Assurance practice based on untrusted data taken from the log-books, we have to implement a completely different QA approach based on reliable real-time data validation against the established food safety regulation.

My intention is to extend our current solution with a new feature set based on Blockchain that will ensure objective QA procedures and practices within the overall Agrifood supply chain. I believe that Block.IS project could help us to accomplish the idea.

— Petar Indovski CEO @ GORD Systems Services

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