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Elmibit is a focused Smart Agriculture Software company that was founded as a Spin-Off with the aim of development, marketing, and global expansion of Smart Agriculture Software solutions, eVineyard and eOrchard.

The company team consists of motivated and experienced professionals from the fields of software, agriculture and business. Elmibit has a number of established partnerships in the area of Smart Agriculture solutions in Europe, The US, Australia, and hundreds of paid users, using the solutions eVineyard and eOrchard on 5 continents today.

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Within Block.IS, our goal was to develop & pilot ProduTrace, a Blockchain-based fresh farm produce traceability service that uses existing industry standards for food quality labelling which Elmibit’s current customers of Farm Management software (FMIS) are already adhering to.

ProduTrace is an application which integrates with existing FMIS and allows fork-to-farm traceability of premium fresh produce, offering market differentiation & customer satisfaction with no more admin work.

Block.IS Experience

Participation in Block.IS was a great way to meet the fellow entrepreneurs and companies, and get a better insight into the level of the progressive Blockchain-based solutions made in Europe. We also met some new potential partners for the future, and the level of some projects was really high. It was definitely a positive experience to be a part of it, and it gave us motivation to further rethink about how to shape the Blockchain-based product development strategy in our company.

ELMIBIT_MaticSerc - Matic Šerc
— Matic Šerc CTO @ Elmibit

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