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FlowPay is the first start-up to be immediately compliant with the most advanced fintech standards. It is fully compliant with PSD2 regulations and the supervisory body, having obtained ad-hoc insurance coverage, a statutory and corporate structure and security systems built to operate immediately as a TPP (so-called “Third Party”) and to be the first Italian start-up to operate as a PISP & AISP.

The team consists of heterogeneous experience from the banking and new technology sectors, with a core of young developers dynamic in responding to specific needs. The product is designed and developed in-house and allows for continuous adaptation to both customers and regulations. Flowpay revolutionises the payment method and the perception of business relations between companies, which now more than ever need proper cash and credit management.

FlowPay’s team consists of experiences in distributed networks and banking IT: Banco Digitale di Firenze, innovative startup, with over a year of experience as DLT solutions provider, design consulting, and development. It has formed a team specialized in producing complex and systemic solutions as in the case of Flowpay. Federico Masi, Innovation manager; six years of experience in the IT field at Cabel Industry, ICT service provider for financial institutions, as a project manager and business analyst.

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The conception of the FlowPay product took place after exploring both the distributed network scenario and that of payment system providers where no similar solutions exist.

Plausibly, this stems from the relative novelty of the 4 founding components of the product:

  1. the configuration as a TPP, introduced at the end of 2018, to perform PIS and AIS operations;#
  2. the use, enabling for the optimisation system, of instant transfers, SCT/SCT_INST, offered in Italy by the TIPS platform;
  3. the adoption of DLT technologies for the construction of an interbank network made independent and open to all financial institutions through the use of a decentralised and democratic information management mode, within the financial system;
  4. seamless implementation of the R2P (Request to Pay) platform. FlowPay is the only player in the market that has been able to implement all 4 elements organically.

Block.IS Experience

We think that a bunch of advice and possibilities to collaborate to provide a borderless product are fundamental.

We are currently exploring the Italian B2B and banking scenario but it’s mandatory for us to interface with other realities and start to hear how a solution like FlowPay could affect the economic system on a larger scale and in foreign countries.

Block.IS is providing strategic advice and allow us to join a broader international community. Thanks to the programme, we look forward to meeting with possible future partners in the banking ecosystem or a supply-chain representative where we could deploy and test our network, product and possible synergies with other technical partners. We are receiving very valuable recommendations and valuations of our product and approach in the wider cross-country scenario.

FLOWPAY_LORENZO ROSSI - Banco Digitale Di Firenze
— Lorenzo Rossi Co-Founder @ FlowPay

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