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Smart Variable is a technology company that develops software solutions based on Blockchain and its convergence with other technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics. Smart Variable has developed a traceability model for the agri-food supply chain which is highly scalable as it is configurable for a wide range of different products or services.

It takes the form of an online platform and is based on the integration of Blockchain – as permanent and immutable storage of records, IoT – more accurate data collection and Data Analytics – better management through smart decisions.

The main features are a) Traceability of product and processes; b) Management system through detailed analysis of the processes, also over time, for improved productivity and efficiency of resources; c) End Consumer: provide transparency on journey and sustainability.

Smart Variable also advises organizations of any size and sector on how new technologies create value for them through greater transparency and efficiency in their business processes. We are an international team based in Barcelona, Spain with operations in Europe and Latin America. We combine experiences in parallel and distributed computing, data compression and Machine Learning; Business development and Finance; Agricultural project management.

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We develop and implement end-to-end traceability systems based on blockchain as this solution guarantees the integrity, transparency and security of information exchanged between different participants in a transaction. Our traceability model – TCB-Network – is currently available through the global platform, which aims at the traceability of superior quality coffee all the way from the harvest to the final consumer: plantation, harvest, transformations, and related processes as well as logistics. Now TCB-Network is evolving into a traceability platform for the entire agro-industry and we are currently in a testing stage for extra virgin olive oil.

Block.IS Experience

Block.IS has been a great experience for Smart Variable as it gave us the opportunity to interact with other actors in the Blockchain field. The EU funding has helped us to take significant steps towards the extension of our traceability platform for the agro-industry. Feedback has been very beneficial and overall it was very inspiring to see how vibrant the European Blockchain community is.

SmartVariable_FrimanSanchez - Heike Fickel
— Friman Sánchez CTO & Co-Founder @ Smart Variable

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