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DAC team solves modern business challenges with effective software and hardware solutions. The company has operated since 2009.

The solutions we deliver to our customers are a result of the unique blend of research and management methodologies embedded in software development and hardware integration processes. Our team is ready to deliver the most advanced software solutions. We can lead the full cycle of product development and management as well as solve technological problems on demand.

We specialize in Blockchain, IoT, Data Analytics, Enterprise Integration, AI/ML and DevOps for Mobility, Agro, FMCG, Automotive, and Logistics. Our primary focus is on utilizing emerging technologies in production automation and supply chain transformation to meet Industry 4.0 challenges. That is why DAC participates in international R&D&I projects like Productive4.0, Arrowhead Tools and AFarCloud. We serve there are technology partners solving complex problems of industry digitization and digitalization.

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Cecentralized IT infrastructure for the smart balancing of returnable transport packaging designed with privacy in mind to serve the entire logistics ecosystem. Business relations and the dependencies between other participants remain undisclosed within the ecosystem. Our project, BARTI – Balancing Automation of Returnable Transport Items, is about solving the problem of companies losing on Returnable Transport Items (RTIs).

Block.IS Experience

Participation in Block.IS allowed us to structurize our idea and progress with the product development plan. We are happy to participate in provided workshops, where our team gets insights from highly trained professionals. Having the opportunity to witness the development of other projects brings a great motivational and learning value. Block.IS organizing team is very helpful and takes care of our wellbeing and deadlines. The mentorship provided is effective and supports us on the everyday basis of our project development.

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— Agata Kukwa Head of Communications @ DAC

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