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Founded in 2013, at Trace Labs we believe sustainable supply chains are only possible by allowing all organisations, big or small, to benefit from trusted data exchanges.

We first designed traceability systems for food processing companies in Europe. To resolve issues of trust in supply chains we first introduced blockchain technology in 2016 and have since set out to develop universal data exchange solutions for increasing trust. In 2017, we entered the Walmart Food Innovation Pipeline and received their Spark Award.

To support scalability for supply chain use cases we launched blockchain-based, open-source OriginTrail protocol in 2018. To make the implementation process of the mentioned technologies as seamless as possible, Trace Labs launched the Network Operating System (nOS) that supports universal data exchange (interoperability), connects rather than replaces legacy systems (interconnectivity), and ensures data immutability by utilizing blockchain technology (integrity). With these core functionalities, the nOS allows system integrators to accelerate the uptake of trusted data exchanges.

Trace Labs global partners include Oracle, BSI and GS1.

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Laboratory Data Marketplace (LDM) will allow laboratories and other test owners (like food producers or other organizations along the supply chain) to sell their existing isotope reference tests — either food-product-specific, water, or soil — to other laboratories, food producers, and government agencies. By combining blockchain technology and forensic science, we aim to develop a state-of-the-art solution to combat food counterfeiting and related food safety issues. Using the open-source OriginTrail protocol for trusted data exchanges, LDM will be an innovative application of the decentralized data marketplace.

Block.IS Experience

It was amazing to see the interest in our solution at the Block.IS Innovators Assembly in Istanbul. We’re glad that the jury recognized the value of the Laboratory Data Marketplace, which has the potential to span beyond the agrifood industry and selected Laboratory Data Marketplace for the Experiment stage. We are now focused on building a decentralized marketplace as a solution that can be commercially deployed.

— Jurij Škornik General Manager @ Trace Labs

Our team has a significant track record both in the development of DLT infrastructure as well as enterprise DLT implementations. As the architects and core developers of the open-source OriginTrail protocol, we have partnered with supply chain standardization bodies such as GS1 and BSI, as well as major technological partners such as Oracle. Block.IS program enables us to expand our infrastructure in this ecosystem, focused on the application of laboratory data. We believe that a neutral laboratory data marketplace will remove obstacles of sharing data due to the fear of data aggregation, leading to more sustainable supply chains.

— Žiga Drev Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Trace Labs

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