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BITBLOCKS has as its object the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with a high technological value, and more specifically develops, produces and markets software or systems based on blockchain technology, DLT. Our blockchain initiatives want to answer users’ need for trust and transparency.

Our approach can be summarized as follows: “I think you have to take your job very seriously, without taking yourself seriously. This is the best combination”.

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Trusted Farmers TF – Blockchain technology applied to Agrifood supply chain from producer to end consumer. We want to join small producers and small farmers in a network that uses blockchain to trace the entire supply chain. Blockchain, based on producers’ initiatives, certifies and makes transparent the ethical production. Our blockchain thus enhances respect for the environment and the socially responsible value of the quality of life of farmers, employees and consumers as a whole.
BITBLOCKS will make available to farmers digital management software, APP for data entry, platform and website.

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Block.IS is a good opportunity to deal with startups on an international level!

— Federico Mobrici CEO @ BITBLOCKS

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