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Bitgear is a company based in Belgrade, Serbia that creates intelligent systems for a more connected and more sophisticated world. This we do by applying state of the art technology from a multitude of disciplines with fundamental understanding of relevant background concepts.

We shape the ideas and concepts into mass-producible, useful and usable products.  Whether we are talking about full systems or subsystems we rely on passion and fervor that drives us to innovate and improve.

With years of experience in different industries and based on structured work concepts we are here to facilitate your next innovation, to help you create it, shape it and most important to make it happen.

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SCOCHMOS – secure cold chain monitoring system – is an IoT-based system leveraging blockchain technology for real-time monitoring of environmental and handling conditions during transport and storage of sensitive good. It enables the producers and distributors of pharmaceutical and food products to offer value-added services to their buyers through a quick and simple attachment of IoT sensor devices to the shipped goods. All relevant actions and events are recorded in cloud storage and hashed to blockchain to ensure data immutability.

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