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CADChain is a software development company that has a strong legal and technological background. We are based in the Netherlands, incorporated in 2019. Currently, we are concentrating on CAD (industrial design), additive manufacturing, trade secrets and legal-tech education/consulting. In general, CADChain is an umbrella of services that have the proprietary “geometric twin” technology behind them and are interlinked through different business models.

We have done extensive research and have unique knowledge about the CAD sector and the IT requirements. In the world of CAD, businesses cannot avoid sharing files with other participants in the design and manufacturing process. This is of course necessary for the data to create value. Without sharing, CAD data is practically useless.

At the moment CADChain is doing the software development and legal research for our SAAS solution CADPlug&Track. Part of the software that we develop focuses on the actual IP protection of the file and safeguarding the data itself and another part focuses on the licensing (or sale) of this intellectual property. Our legal department works in tandem with the software development team to create technologically advanced smart (digital) contracts that are legally binding, which is an unprecedented development.

We have all the expertise that we need at the moment, as we have recently hired several team members. We have business, legal, IT, data security, blockchain, Ricardian contracts, digital twins, marketing, PR, project management, sales, CAD, engineering, AI, UX/UI talent with both startup and enterprise experience.

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Our software focuses on improving the safe storage and exchange of industrial design data, by providing the proof of ownership (blockchain-based timestamping) complete with end-to-end security and multi-level access restrictions and permissions, as well as insights, tracking and a customized contract-as-a-service that allows for file licensing.

With CADChain, the data owner gets proactive safety, while still being able to collaborate. Engineers can trust on the correct delivery of files to each collaborator (coworker, customer or partner) because of the integrated version control and exchange features. Licensing allows for the monetization of CAD assets that are currently almost never re-used.

Block.IS Experience

This is the first time that we were officially selected for a grant at a European level and it’s a great milestone for us. Thanks to the social media posts of Block.IS, we were contacted by a prominent organization from another European country, and this can potentially lead to more investment for us. This programme is also one of very few where we can talk about our technology at a deeper level, whereas in all the other incubators that we participated, business/market is of course prioritized.

Being selected as one of the best blockchain startups in Europe and then making it to the second round (as one of 23 European startups) has a lot of benefits. Not only do we have mentors from TNO (a Dutch knowledge institution), but we also got to know other startups and the corresponding ecosystems in their countries, which is an added bonus.

CADCHAIN_VIOLETTA - Violetta Shishkina
— Violetta Shishkina CEO @ CADChain

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