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Wholer is a Hungarian startup that is already operational for two years, which connects manufacturers and co-manufacturers with potential buyers and has a well-defined order placing and order validating module. Our goal is to use Blockchain technology to provide trust regarding our validation service. Our mission is to increase trust and connectivity amongst the members of the supply chain on a peer-to-peer level.

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With Wholer we aim to ease connectivity, communication, order processing and trust amongst the entities of the supply chain across various industries. While working on our previous venture – an online organic product webshop, with a monthly subscription – we discovered that ordering stock and supplies for our business was done in an old-fashioned way, as we had to order through the phone, send SMS, or send an Excel order sheet via email. This way was inefficient and made room for error. For example, we couldn’t see all our orders in one system, we didn’t know if our supplier had the items on stock or not, when ordering through the phone, we couldn’t trace back what was the actual order placed etc. We found that the cost to develop an order management system was too high for these suppliers, so only very few of them invested money in such a solution. We understood through research that this issue can be found amongst various industry sectors and is common in countries within our cluster.

Our approach is to create a robust and versatile web-based solution that can fit the needs of all players in the supply chain, and can be integrated with the existing warehouse management, invoicing, banking, ERP systems etc. We have a prototype and we are already commercializing it as a software as a service, on a monthly fee basis, either a flat fee or percentage-based. In essence, our solution is a well-integrated and exclusive B2B marketplace that solves the mentioned industry problems without any upfront investment into the development of a custom system from the customers pocket and has a very modern and user-friendly approach to the design of the interface.

We aim to put emphasis on order validation and contract validation, to attract the bigger players on the market. Therefore we are aiming to implement Blockchain technology and create a shared ledger within the SME sector of the B2B wholesale market

Block.IS Experience

Block.IS has definitely helped us in accelerating our validation process. We had to put together the required material for the presentation, during which we gained new perspectives of our project enabling us to better understand the nature of problem we are aiming to solve.

András Révész Wholer
— András Révész CEO & Co-Founder @ Wholer

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