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ZP Aplikacije is a Slovene startup that solves the problem of storing, protecting and restoring computer passwords and keys to anyone who uses passwords but refuses to constantly enter, forget, lose, or hand them over to a third party.

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Not that long ago, we had to remember and type telephone numbers to reach other people. Most people also kept paper address book. Now we just click on people’s face (icon) to call them and never even worry about losing their contacts; numbers get updated automatically, we barely even see them. This is how we see the future of passwords and private keys. Human brain is not designed to hold and manage them securely, so it is only natural that passwords and keys become invisible for users.

PassID based KYC commit/reveal offers a unique new way to satisfy compliance requirements on one side (reveal only when needed), and low friction onboarding time (tap a passport), non-intrusiveness.

A good compromise between compliance and data protection, especially in an age of GDPR, massive KYC data leaks. Now even social networks are starting to enforce the same data collecting/exposing techniques that people in cryptocurrencies are being subject to, PassID can serve as an alternative.

Compared to other solutions, ZeroPass does not have one critical point(there is no main password that can expose all user passwords and information) and does not expose the master password or key each time the user logs in.

At the same time, ZeroPass does not allow the guessing of passwords or keys, as each guess attempt temporarily locks the access and notifies all user devices.

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