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BlockTac is a leading European company commercializing authentication and anti-counterfeit solutions based on Blockchain technology. Our certificates and digital seals are sold to Fast-Moving Consumer Goods manufacturers or various institutions and used in idCards, professional and educational accreditations, perfumes and cosmetics, fashion items, artworks, luxury accessories, and medical records. They can be applied to any product where it is handy to verify authenticity and traceability and recently also applied them successfully to online voting.

Consumers, using their mobile phones, may scan the QR code to check it against the product’s unique and non-fakeable identifier. This allows them to authenticate the product using Blockchain or submit a complaint if it turns out to be false. We received the Seal of Excellence for Innovation from the CE.

We also produce a family of autonomous hardware devices that communicate directly with IoT sensors or machines, encrypt the data captured by those devices, and store it in a public Blockchain. The data from those IoT devices become trusted and traceable, impossible to change, truly linked to its source. We name these edge computing equipment “Blockchain-of-Things” devices (BoT-d).

BlockTac Team is balanced and experienced in all sectors required for both successful project execution and future commercialisation, team members cover all the technical, commercial and especially managerial aspects.

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We have developed a system – FMCG Transparency – that helps the manufacturer to make their products unfakeable, by using blockchain technology: it involves an IT batch (also available as API/immediate) system to prepare a unique ID for each unit, sign them with the private key of the manufacturer, store them in an unmodifiable, unfakeable blockchain (Ethereum), print the ID in the form of a QR in a multi-layer sticker (NFC also possible), and use the regular smartphones from the consumers (without apps) to check that the units are original, were prepared by our customers, and have not been opened before.

Block.IS Experience

Any startup committed to the development of new markets through the implementation of an innovative technology should have the opportunity to participate in a programme like Block.IS, which has allowed BlockTac to be part of an innovative ecosystem.
BlockTac should be recognized for its merit in making the Blockchain technology understandable and facilitating its implementation in companies by solving real business problems, in a simple, economic and easy to implement way. By doing so, it contributes in an extraordinary way to the defence of the identity of its clients' brands and to the security of the final consumers. BlockTac defines itself as a ``factory of certainties``: its products and services have a far-reaching social impact.

— Marta Romero COO @ BlockTac

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