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Zelena Točka (Green Point) is a distribution centre running the short supply chain network with vegetables and local products. The company was established in 2018 in order to connect local farmers with end-consumers and offer them local, fresh and healthy food. The Green Point is a founding member of Digital Innovation Hub AGRIFOOD (DIH AGRIFOOD), helping its target groups (farmers, food producers and farmer cooperatives) in the digital transformation of their businesses.

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SFS(Block)Chain is a product tackling origin certification and fraud prevention of Short Food Supply Chains. It is based on (1) helping farmers to produce local products, (2) connecting them into a cooperative and educating them on branding, sales, packaging, … (3) collecting local products, (4) distributing products to the customer and (5) selling products through the Green Point.

Block.IS Experience

Block.IS is a great opportunity to further develop the idea of our blockchain-based solution for enabling Short Food Supply Chains to track the origin of food products and provide this information also to consumers!

Zelena Točka tomaz bokan
— Tomaž Bokan Advisor @ Zelena Točka

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