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OneAire is a digital aviation & analytics centric solution provider helping the aviation industry sustainably improve efficiencies within aircraft maintenance, flight and airport operations, regulatory compliance, and supply chain logistics.

OneAire is on a mission to address some of the growing challenges of the aviation industry and was founded by highly passionate and experienced team members, each of whom brings 25+ to 33+ years of deep domain expertise in aviation and computer science.

OneAire is supported by Boeing, Irish Aviation Authority, Enterprise Ireland, and Datalex.

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OneAire’s digital aviation platform is enabling the aviation industry to optimize aircraft parts logistics processes, such as component serviceability, installation history tracing, parts movement shipment, cross-borders state customs clearance, and finance & accounting management using blockchain and smart contracts enabled hyperledger fabric framework. The platform would not only reduces the OPEX cost, frauds, and processing time across the supply chain but is also pivoted to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #9.

Block.IS Experience

Our participation in the Block.IS programme gave us a great opportunity to interact and learn from other programme participants and enabled us to broaden our horizons beyond a single market segment.

OneAire_Rajiv_Tayal_Pic - Rajiv Tayal
— Rajiv Tayal CEO @ OneAire

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