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ARATOS.NET Ltd, a member of international Aratos Group which was founded in 2003, continuously provides an increasing range of added-value products, services and solutions in the fields of Space & Satellites, Information & Communication (Cyber) Technology with a clear vision on providing the highest level of RTD, best practice and commercial business developments.

ARATOS.NET offers among others value-added downstream services to citizens, by delivering products and services designed upon the users’ needs and requirements. The main areas of expertise of ARATOS.NET vary among: (i) intelligent space-borne data acquisition, management, storage and on-demand processing (ii) wireless telecommunications, with emphasis on IoT and M2M.

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ELASTIC addresses the current Logistics challenges enabling perishable products to tell their journey experience from production to consumption through monitoring of sensor data (“sensoring”) from all freight legs. ELASTIC will involve GNSS location services, M2M connectivity with global coverage via hybrid telecom infrastructure of superimposed cellular and satellite-based networks and it will be built in Blockchain environment providing the highest possible transparency and security levels.

Block.IS Experience

Block.IS pushed us to note down and record properly all the work we had concluded about the ELASTIC project. That was a positive experience for sure and moreover ARATOS.NET has been benefited from the participation in Block.IS in terms of advance publicity.

Aratos.Net_Nikos_Bogonikolos - Georgios Makropoulos
— Nikos Bogonikolos CEO @ ARATOS.NET

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