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Created in September 2019, H64 SAS is a software development company dedicated to the implementation of Blockchain solutions. We position ourselves as a Blockchain one-stop-shop from ideation to implementation. Our mission is to empower Private and Public stakeholders to streamline the development of Blockchain solutions for their customers, through our low-code development platform that enables the set up and the deployment of a customized blockchain layer with no need to dedicate significant time, talent and R&D costs. Our team of experienced Blockchain and smart contracts developers and consultants has already implemented several Blockchain solutions such as the first European Blockchain tourism pass or the first certification system of Covid19 sanitary measures for tourism stakeholders.

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There are 2,3 million tourism-related SMEs in Europe that represent 12 million employees and a yearly revenue of 356 billion Euros. These tourism SMEs are facing great difficulties to get loans to support their growth or to increase their resiliency. Indeed, banks usually undervalue tourism SME assets and ask for high collateral, high-interest rate while imposing a short repayment period. Our Blockchain crowdlending and secondary bond market platform will link tourism SMEs with public and private stakeholders that wish to support local SMEs and local employment.

Block.IS Experience

The Block.IS project is marking a milestone in the growth of H64 SAS. The program, through great technical and marketing mentors and speakers, is helping us to shape a strategy based on rigorous analysis, together with metrics to monitor and quantify the results of the actions, but also to improve our skills as entrepreneurs.

H64- Benabdallah Jamil - TOKEO TOKEO
— Jamil Benabdallah CEO @ H64

Everything from the rigorous selection process to the final demo is mission-oriented to allow us to accelerate the process of getting our innovative product to market. The number of technical webinars and the quality of the mentors is beyond impressive. The Block.IS project is definitely a tremendous catalyst for H64 SAS growth.

H64 Jerome Teisseire - TOKEO TOKEO
— Jérôme Teisseire Co-Founder @ H64

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