Block.IS Innovator – ChainGo


ChainGo is a Spanish company created with a specific mission to develop and commercialize a technological platform that allows companies and organizations to improve the information flows associated with their logistic processes.

The long-term vision is to support the digitalization of the maximum possible processes present in the transport of goods using innovative available technologies. ChainGo Tech has launched its flagship product: ChainGO Freight – an innovative software to upload and manage all cargo documentation.

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ChainGO provides an online platform to manage flows of information and documentation related to logistics processes. Our platform based on Blockchain technology allows the end-users (importer & exporter companies) to have complete traceability of their cargo and to manage their supply chain in a more efficient, simple and secure way. After successfully piloting ChainGO within the shipping sector, the team is able to confirm the capability of its breakthrough product to standardize the fractured logistics processes, saving companies hundreds of thousands of euros.

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