Block.IS Innovator EZ Lab raised more than €700 000 with equity crowdfunding

First published in Crowdfunding buzz, a third-party contributor translated and adapted the article from the original. In case of discrepancy, the original will prevail.

EZ Lab, a Block.IS innovator and a company specialized in blockchain in the agri-food industry, raised €728 000 on Mamacrowd!

Mamacrowd is the equity crowdfunding platform authorized by Consob that allows you to invest in innovative Italian projects: startups, innovative SMEs or clubs. Despite the crisis, real estate crowdfunding has not slowed down its run in Italy, equity crowdfunding is showing signs of a strong recovery. In particular, campaign by EZ Lab has abundantly exceeded the psychological threshold of half a million euros in funding.

EZ Lab raised three times more than the minimum target

EZ Lab specializes in advanced digital solutions for the agri-food industry. It was one of the first companies in the world to have realized, in 2016, the first case in the world of traceability in the wine supply chain, from field to bottle, creating a blockchain register for the wine of Cantina Volpone.

Since 2014, year of foundation at the University Incubator Galileo Visionary District, EZ Lab has carried out about 40 blockchain traceability projects in the agri-food and Made in Italy products. It is also involved in the ministerial experimentation of blockchain applied to 5G technology, thanks to a project with Wind/3. Finally, it is a business partner of IBM food trust, IBM’s blockchain platform for the retail sector.

In 2016, its AgriOpenData platform was awarded at SMAU as the best technological innovation for the traceability of agricultural products. In 2017, EZ Lab was the only Italian company selected by the Thrive incubator in California, specializing in the food-tech sector.

The round on Mamacrowd raised about $819,000 (€730,000), against a minimum target of $224,000 (€200,000) thanks to 340 investors, with a pre-money valuation of $3.9 million (€3.5 million).

The funds raised will be used for the consolidation of the positioning already achieved in the agri-food sector, and for the launch of joint ventures and partnerships with Key Players in new sectors such as energy, supply chain, logistics, legal tech, Insurtech, smart cities, manufacturing, art and anti-counterfeiting.

EZ Lab currently participates in the EXPERIMENT Stage of the Block.IS Acceleration Programme with their innovative product called SAT – a software-platform that supports farmers in the traceability and in the certification of agricultural products by using the blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.