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We enable embedding fintech in any application, increasing revenue per user and lowering administrative costs. THX is brought to you by a five-person team of blockchain, UX and open source enthusiasts.

Our gender-balanced team of serial entrepreneurs, global hackathon winners and top marketing professionals and UX research talent continues to push the business forward. We’re funded not by one but two EU Horizon 2020 grants. And we launched our beta for the United Nations Development Programme’s SparkBlue platform at the end of January 2021. We’re in the process of raising our pre-seed round.

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Our API powered solution allows you to set up incentives in your app, both monetary and non-monetary. Example use cases include gamified payments but also peer-to-peer lending and donations.

Behind the scenes, funds are stored on an Ethereum side-chain. This allows for fast and free transactions for end users all while maintaining a high level of security and compatibility with the emerging open finance ecosystem.

Our aim is to integrate with existing software solutions, adding value to users. This accelerates adoption, benefiting from network effects instead of battling them. Currently, we provide a Slack and Drupal integration.

Block.IS Experience

Block.IS provided us with the opportunity to accelerate our roadmap. Thanks to the funding we're able to launch our protocol fee, a critical part of the full product, several months faster. Next to that the mentoring by TNO has brought our team several fresh ideas. Great stuff!

mieszko-smaller-square - Mieszko Czyzyk
— Mieszko Czyzyk Co-Founder @ THX

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