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Indigo Global Development is an IT company based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Established in June 2019 with a purpose to utilise the accumulated experience and creative energy of its team members. We have already bootstrapped several projects, all in Agri-tech/Blockchain field.


LocatedFood is a blockchain-based platform for food traceability. The platform will serve stakeholders across the value chain, from adding value to producers’ offer – enabling consumers to have informed and more satisfying purchase experience.

LocatedFood output is the Trusted Badge, a certificate of origin, enriched with commercial data. The main objective of LocatedFood platform is to become a disruptive solution that reinforces global efforts in providing food traceability.

Block.IS Experience

Our vision is to kickstart LocatedFood with the help of Block.IS financing, start commercialization and push for the next stage.

zvezdan zaric igd
— Zvezdan Žarić Co-Founder @ Indigo Global Development

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