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Company is an Italian startup that is developing open-source software that allows millions of companies worldwide to sign and exchange documents in accordance with eIDAS principles. The network is managed by Commercio Consortium, a consortium open to all companies. The startup was born in 2018 to spread the Digital Transformation with Blockchain: the only unchangeable and distributed decentralized technology able to certify paternity, non-repudiation and integrity.

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CommercioPay is an open, decentralized platform to provide the much-needed liquidity to the global supply chain trade. It allows any SME to tokenize their invoices and use this token as collateral for a short time loan.

CommercioPay will not directly lend the money but instead, it will provide a lender/borrower decentralized marketplace where cheaper interest rates can be found. This decentralized market place is composed of the same companies that can both act as a lender or a borrower depending on their credit availability and creditworthiness.

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