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Digiotouch is an SME located in Tallinn, Estonia. DIGI provides sustainable and secure Digital Transformation to Healthcare, Smart City, and Manufacturing & Logistics domains. DIGI’s core competence is to digitize customers’ legacy business processes, operations, and assets using two core products – Cloud-based, secure Paradise IoT Platform and Digiotouch Edge.

The company provides open standard-based solutions powering next-gen devices and services for the EU Digital Single Market initiative. The Paradise IoT Platform includes the IoT common service functions (e.g. remote monitoring, device management, visualization, end-to-end security, secure storage, privacy), and “Academy for IoT” – a Digital Learning Hub to educate the next-gen workforce on Digital Transformation. The Platform has been utilized by six organizations from the USA, UK, India, and Malaysia.

On the technical front, DIGI is pioneering “Digital-First” strategies which are broadly based on Open Data, ICT Standards, Machine Learning, Intelligent Cloud & Edge, Mobile Apps, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. DIGI was one of the winners of the EU Datathon 2018 competition and has received funding from several EU H2020 Project Open Calls – Triangle 5G,, Fed4FIRE+, ACTIVAGE, Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs (L4MS), Block.IS, and ORCA.

DIGI has also been accepted in the EIT Health Living Labs and Test Beds Programme for 2019. In addition to industrial R&D, DIGI has strong experience in market research, business development, product commercialization, and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Our Paradise IoT Platform provides commercial services using FIWARE components and W3C Web of Things (WoT) standard.

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The rapid increase in food counterfeiting is a serious threat to European consumers. BlockTrace will create trust among AgriFood stakeholders and empower consumers on product origin, traceability. BlockTrace is based on a permissioned DLT which stakeholders will access, operate through a validator node. It enables food and FMCG product counterfeit detection. It will utilize our Paradise IoT Platform’s scalability, flexible system creating a tamper-proof Systems of Record for AgriFood products.

Block.IS Experience

Block.IS has a positive impact on myself as well as my company Digiotouch. Thanks to the Cluster Mission in Novi Sad, I was able to network with like-minded peers which resulted in preparing an H2020 proposal submitted in January 2020. In addition to that, the first Open Call gave me the opportunity to showcase BlockTrace, a product we are developing to a wider Blockchain and DLT community in Europe.

— Soumya Kanti Datta CEO @ Digiotouch

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