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Between is a fintech startup based in Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2018, we’ve already won two competitions as the best fintech startup in Serbia, and managed to white label our software for one of the largest banks in the CEE region.

We are a team of young and talented individuals with various backgrounds, committed to helping the SMEs gain access to liquidity more easily. We experienced the issue of the liquidity gap personally, and from multiple sides. Our CEO, software engineer with experience of working in one of the largest banks in Serbia, saw how slow and expensive bank’s credit risk assessment process for an SME can be. So slow and expensive that banks do not find it profitable to finance invoices for most SMEs. Our CFO runs a small family business, and he felt the pain of trying to get access to liquidity when he often unsuccessfully tried to finance his invoices, either because the bank is not interested or the private factoring company does not have any more capital to deploy. Our CTO is a software engineer who knows how to automate stuff, and utilized blockchain technology on commercial projects for the needs of decentralized exchanges, automated trading and asset tokenization. With our team’s business experience and strong technical ability, and through utilizing latest technologies, we are focused to enable SMEs to improve their cash flows and grow their businesses, and in that way implicitly help growth of the economy.

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Finspot is an online platform that turns your invoices into cash in just 24h. We take an invoice, a trail of a business transaction, perform the necessary analysis of the parties involved and pack this information into a financial product for potential investors to decide on the investment. On the other side, by tokenizing an invoice and allowing the investors to register on the platform, we make this financial product available to anyone with a laptop and some funds to invest. Main novelty is that by utilizing the blockchain, we enable (really) small investors to participate in the financing, thus unlocking huge liquidity pool for the SMEs (currently “locked” in private individuals’ bank deposits).

Block.IS Experience

I’m always eager to participate in projects that help startups get to the next phase of development, especially when they’re so well-organized and as impactful as the Block.IS project is. So far, the project had a great influence on our team in terms of preparing for the competition in the INNOVATE phase and helping reshape our company’s approach.
Block.IS enabled us access to experts from tech and business areas with significant international experience. Their assessment of our concept is invaluable and we look forward to working with them more. Block.IS got us to compete with many promising startups from all over Europe. This is very important for an early-stage company, and I personally believe this type of competition brings the best in each company. Finally, I’m very pleased that we’ve once again succeeded in proving the great potential of our idea and secured placement in the next round!

— Jovan Milovanović Founder & CEO @ Between

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