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Innovation Law Laboratory is based in Ukraine. DLT developers at ILL have a strong track record for blockchain application development and consulting services for industries such as legal and financial services. They obtained internal and previous employment experience in creating a database with a traceable record, decentralized data holders for digital banking, digital IDs, digital wallets built into messengers for white label solution. ILL has also very strong legal expertise.

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Corporra is the unique Blockchain-based and smart contract-enabled web-platform that allows and digitizes full corporate governance and share management, which are respectively controlled by smart contracts; converts corporate contracts into smart contracts.

The innovation lies behind deploying distributed ledger technology and smart contracts for digital shareholding and digitizing assets of the company. Such smart contracts respectively will enable self-compliance/self-execution of contractual terms for shareholders and directors. The other provided via platform corporate tools such as Blockchain-based e-voting, e-meeting, digital share issue, transfer & disposal will be based on a smart contract with the system of locks and permits for further self-execution. The web-platform also provides automated documents’ formation, filing and compliance with the help of external APIs.

Corporra enables transparent management of the company, people, finance, assets for shareholders and managers, empowerment and protection of shareholders’ rights. The future plans include making Corporra a SaaS solution for investment rounds automation. The platform will cut costs and save time in the process of capital raising and company governance. It will provide an effective, quick and cheap way to deal with all corporate governance procedures.

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