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Mimirium Ltd. is a blockchain start-up founded in Varna, Bulgaria in 2018 by two founders – Galin Dinkov and Georgi Hristov. We were awarded as the best blockchain start-up in Gitex FutureStars 2018 competition in Dubai, accepted in 2 accelerators (Erie Secure Accelerator and Cylon Singapore), were selected as an associated partner for National Statistics Institute of Bulgaria in WPL Trusted Smart Statistics part of ESSnet on BD II of EUROSTAT.

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MIMIRIUM NETWORK is an ecosystem of different tools that allow users to participate in analytics or AI on their data purely to calculate the metric without the data leaving their control. 100% GDPR compliant, 100% anonymity and privacy. All users running that software form a distributed network database, which can be used to extract aggregated anonymous information. For their participation, the users get paid. It is a form of Universal Private Data Basic Income.

Block.IS Experience

We are so excited to be part of the programme. We think that this is a valuable experience that can bring us also one step closer to the final product and go to market. We were able to clear some issues in the process and to establish more clear and structured plan for our development and for our final product. For sure all this requirements pushed us to move forward and had positive impact on our project. We are sure that till the end of the programme with the help of the funding and our mentor we will be ready to go to market and fully test our system, proving its sustainability and added value for all stakeholders.

Georgi Christov mimirium
— Georgi Christov CEO & Founder @ Mimirium

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