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SpeCtre is a software company, operating successfully since 2010, that aims to provide custom, innovative, software solutions built according to the latest “state of the art” software trends. The company operates remotely and offers business application development services, R&D services (blockchain, semantic web) and software consulting services. Over the last years, SpeCtre, has been a trusted partner of various businesses around the world who rely on our professionalism and quality of work.

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Insur is a smart contract-based software solution that aims to establish trust between remote workers and employers by allowing them to create immutable, transparent and secure business contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The solution aims to provide a better alternative to today’s freelance platforms by providing the means to eliminate fraud and freelancer exploitation while offering automated contract term enforcement and a novel decentralized dispute resolution framework.

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Block.IS Experience

Block.IS has given us the chance to gain more visibility and publicity for our project, which, I believe, is very crucial at this stage of our business development process and, also, we had the ability to connect with experts on our domain of interest who have provided valuable feedback and advise.
Furthermore, a mentor has been assigned to us, to help us on our project development, and has already given us a great amount of help by constantly being there, coaching us, answering our questions and giving us feedback on everything.
Last but not least, Block.IS has given our team the chance to improve on many areas by providing valuable material through webinars.

SpeCtre_Konstantinos Stravoskoufos - Konstantinos Stravoskoufos
— Konstantinos Stravoskoufos Founder & Lead Engineer @ SpeCtre

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